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Khimji Ramdas celebrates 25 years of Annual Inter-Division Softball Cricket Tournament

Muscat,15 January 2018: Khimji Ramdas celebrated 25 years of its annual Inter-division Softball Cricket Tournament that was held recently at Barka farms drawing staff families together in a day of spirited sportsmanship. It is a tradition that Khimji Ramdas has embraced for a quarter of a century - out of the sheer love for the game - and one that fosters friendship and healthy competition among colleagues outside a conventional office setting.

Over 3500 KR employees and their families & friends descended in droves on the lush acres of Barka Farms, with directors and senior management showing up in full strength to support the teams.A day of cricket extravaganza saw 75 teams, 900 players participate in 83 matches. For the first time, there was live online scoring and telecast of the matches. 8500 plates of food were served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. KR Information Systems ‘A’ Team lifted the Cricket Cup and runners-up were the `A’ Team from Nizwa Branch.

Commenting on the milestone tournament, Pankaj Khimji, Director of Khimji Ramdas, said, “We are so proud to have kept up this tradition for the last 25 years. Time sure flies when you’re having fun! This is indeed a memorable occasion for us.It is an event that unites KhimjiRamdas’ extended families from all its businesses across Oman and the UAE for a day of pure fun and recreation.”

KR’s annual Inter Division CricketTournament encourages its employees to reconnect and rejuvenate themselves in a fun andsportive environment. It serves as a vehicle for transferring its core principles of team spirit, trustand competitive sportsmanship in relaxed atmosphere.

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